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About us

Mitula Group

The Mitula Group is a leading ‘vertical search’ website operator, with a current portfolio of more than 170 websites in 45+ countries and in 18 languages. Following the acquisition of Lokku Limited in May 2015, and Nuroa in March 2016 the Mitula Group operates its websites under three main brands, ‘Mitula’, ‘Nestoria’ and ‘Nuroa‘.

The Mitula Group’s vertical search functionality gives its website users the ability to search across listings from multiple segments, being real estate, automotive, employment, and, in some countries, holiday rentals and fashion, and obtain search results from multiple advertisers with one search query. With access to the search results of multiple advertisers, users are offered a more convenient and efficient search experience than performing a search on a single advertiser’s website. In March 2016, the Mitula Group’s websites received more than 65 million visits and featured more than 250 million aggregated classifieds listings from over 13,000 advertisers.

The Mitula Group generates revenue through two main sources, Direct CPC Revenue generated from the sale of the ‘Click Outs’, and revenue from Google AdSense advertisements. A Click Out occurs when a user clicks on a listing on a Mitula Group website and is redirected to the advertiser’s website, where the listing is hosted. In March 2016, the Mitula Group generated 100 million Click Outs to advertisers’ websites. Revenue is also earned when a user clicks on a Google AdSense advertisement appearing on the Mitula Group’s websites.