Born and raised in Spain

Born and raised in Spain

Mitula Group in a nutshell

Mitula Group is a leading digital classifieds group with its headquarters in Madrid (Spain) operating classifieds vertical search and portals sites. It operates more than 100 vertical search sites across property, employment, motoring and fashion and 10 property portals in more than 50 different countries and in 19 different languages. The Mitula Group is today a family of more than 150 full time employees.

Vertical sites and portals

These sites operate under the Mitula, Nestoria and Nuroa brands. It also operates in nine South East Asian countries under the DotProperty and Thailand-property brands. Finally, since the acquisition of Kleding BV in the Netherlands at the beginning of March 2017, the Mitula Group also manages 16 fashion vertical sites across 15 different countries under the brands and Fashiola thus rapidly accelerating its entry to the transaction-based market.

What is vertical search?

Mitula Group’s vertical search functionality gives its websites' users the ability to search across listings from multiple verticals, being real estate, automotive, employment, and, in some countries holiday rentals, and obtain search results from multiple advertisers with one search query. With access to the search results of multiple advertisers, users are offered a more convenient and efficient search experience than searching on a single advertiser’s website.

What is our business model?

Mitula Group monetizes visits mainly to these sites through a range of products and services including Google AdSense, cost-per-click out (“CPC”) sales, cost-per-acquisition (“CPA”), display advertising, and listing sales. Mitula Group customers include portals (property, employment and motoring), online fashion stores, general classified sites, real estate agents, developers and general display advertisers.