Mitula Group Innovation Fund

Mitula Group Innovation Fund

The Fund

We have set aside up to AUD 4.0 million for investment into new early stage businesses that can benefit from not only the cash, but also accessing the assets that Mitula Group has built over the last 10 years.

Mutula investment

Investment Model

What do we offer?

A range of assets including:

  • 70+ million visits each month to our network of sites
  • Mitula’s listings database with 400 million listing across homes, cars and jobs
  • Market leading SEO and SEM knowledge than has helped us drive the strong growth in visits to the Mitula Group sites
  • Mitula’s search query and behavior data.
  • International experience and expansion opportunites
  • Management experience in building large global classifieds players
AUD 4.0 Million to invest in 5 to 10 companies

What do we expect?

Mitula Group expects to take stakes of between 20% and 30% in the companies that it invests in.

We are not interested in taking a controlling stake as we want to invest in existing teams that can rapidly grow their businesses and at the same time, help benefit the Mitula Group.


What are we looking for in the businesses that we invest in

  • All countries and all segments are welcome
  • The company must be aligned to the Mitula Group’s closer to the transaction strategy meaning it must be in the classifieds industry or ancillary industries and be looking to extract value from either advertising or transactions
  • The company has to have some “runs on the board” meaning that we are less interested in investing in paper-based business plans and more interested in those businesses that have already delivered some revenues
  • We are looking for companies that can exploit the Mitula group assets and skills to rapidly accelerate their growth either within their markets or into other markets
  • We are also looking for businesses with established teams with strong leadership
Mitula Investment fund


  • Open from
  • January 2018 to June 2018
  • Now Open


Any business that is seeking investment of both cash and the Mitula Group skills and capabilities can apply by sending a “one pager”


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